Trixie Cosmetics Wearing GIMMICK in their new HOTLINE Campaign!


Trixie Cosmetics Wearing GIMMICK in their new HOTLINE Campaign!


Trixie Cosmetics Wearing GIMMICK in their new HOTLINE Campaign!


In Trixie Cosmetics New HOTLINE campaign for their Gel Liners, you might notice that its not only totally GIMMICK's style, but the gorgeous models are also wearing GIMMICK!

*pause for dramatic effect!!*

Not only is this a real dream come true for GIMMICK, but also for me as my background is in costumes and styling! Before starting GIMMICK I worked on many different sets for film, tv, music videos, and commercials to help style and dress actors! So when Trixie Cosmetics came to me looking for some help dressing their models for this over the top MOD style shoot, it was a match made in heaven!

GIMMICK is all about 1960's Inspired MOD fashions and our two dresses, the ANDRE and PIERRE, both in black and white, make the perfect 60's MOD statement.

While our PIERRE "Fall Edition" is unfortunately sold out and our ANDRE "Fall Edition" is close to being Sold Out at the moment, wait for the future because they've been such favorites that I'll be bringing back both combos! We create all our dresses in small batch and make them here in Los Angeles, locally, out of deadstock materials to help minimize our waste! If you aren't familiar with deadstock fabric, its essentially fabric that is leftover or gone to waste, so instead of it going to landfills we recycle it and turn it into all the clothing you see here!

What I loved most about this shoot wasn't only dressing the models in GIMMICK, but using my own personal vintage collection of jewelry and accessories to pair with the dresses to add that special vintage touch! I have an enormous collection of vintage earrings (mostly) that I've been collecting for over a decade now, so it was so fun to put them to use!

I'm so excited to be apart of a such an incredible cosmetic brand started by the fabulous Trixie Mattel herself! I've used the eyeliner myself and all I can say is that you NEED this eyeliner and press on nail set! I've been rocking the wing tip for over a decade now to get that real 60's mod look and this liner will be your new best friend I can promise you that!

Check out our INSTAGRAM for more BTS of working on set with Trixie and the models and see the dresses matching so perfectly with the HOTLINE makeup set!

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By Rachel Antone

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