sustainability + garment care

All our dresses are made with deadstock fabrics and materials. Deadstock is known by a few names, with “overstock”, “surplus fabric”, and “remnant” being the most common. Basically, it's any leftover fabric that can't be used for its original purpose or order fulfillment anymore. Inventory that doesn't turn over/doesn't sell. So the sustainability of the fabric itself comes from our ability to recycle what already exists out in the world and be used instead of going into a landfill or waste.

To us, a part of sustainability is the quality of the garment so that it can last longer. And when garments last longer we are less likely to over consume. Helping our planet to consume less helps put less waste into landfills and stops the wear and waste culture that we live in today.

All our garments are cared for and manufactured to guarantee a quality that is meant to last in your wardrobe.

All our garments are made from ponte di roma, which consists of spandex, polyester, nylon and or rayon.

When it comes to caring for your piece we highly suggest dry clean only and ironing cold or low steam. This will help reduce the possibly of colors bleeding together. 

If you have any questions about your recent purchase and how to care for it please email us at