Bye Bye to our Beloved PIERRE!!


Bye Bye to our Beloved PIERRE!!


Bye Bye to our Beloved PIERRE!!

Can't believe I'm saying this BUT...our Fall Edition of the gorgeous PIERRE dress has officially SOLD OUT! Named after Pierre Cardin, one of my absolute favorite designers from the 1960's, this dress is a real dedication to his designs and the Space Age look of that time period. 
Since we launched our Fall Editions last Fall of 2022, the limited edition, made from deadstock materials one of a kind dress, is officially GONE! If you snagged one of the dresses boy are you lucky! 
*As seen being worn by Trixie Mattel on her Discovery Plus Show, Trixie Motel!!
Even Trixie owns a limited edition GIMMICK dress :D*


This has been one of my favorites to add to GIMMICK and I'm so thankful to everyone who has shopped and supported! As you can see, I had a real blast shooting this dress because the black and white really pairs with SO MANY colors! This is one of my favorite photos I shot of me wearing the PIERRE! I couldn't wait to pair some of my favorite matching black and white vintage jewelry! 

IF you missed out on this dress let me tell you a little about it and why it's so special and even what inspired my initial design for this dress!

Not only is this dress in my opinion the most comfortable dress there is because its made of Ponte which has amazing texture and stretch, but it's also the perfect 60's mini dress length! The neckline is beyond flattering for anyone and everyone who puts it on. I love a real structured neckline moment! 

I think Pierre Cardin himself would have been proud and excited to see this dress named after him and inspired by his work!

Check out this page giving a little background of Pierre himself, if you want to learn more about him!

Not only was this dress inspired by the 1960's Space Age Era, but I was directly inspired by some of the greatest icons of the 60's.

Marlo Thomas, actress on the hit TV show of the mid 60's THAT GIRL, in 1965 wore this amazing black and white dress that HELLOOO can you see where the inspo from this one came from ;) Not only is that show absolutely hilarious, but she was a real fashion icon on that show! Every outfit she wore was legendary in my opinion! 

Twiggy in this adorable red and green dress. If you know anything about the 60's you know that Twiggy is one of the biggest fashion icons of the time! Every single thing she wore was made for her to rock. And as you can see this cut was a huge hit during the mid 60's that made my inspiration for the PIERRE come alive!

So the question next is...What color combo do you want to see our PIERRE in next?! Red and White? Orange and White? Or what about Twiggy's Red and Green combo?! With maybe a matching belt too...gasp!!

Maybe long sleeves or maxi length? I want to hear what you think would be fun to see next below!

And just so you know this dress is still available in our OG Blue and White combo! I KNOW!! So head over to shop right now before that color ALSO sells out!! Sizing are selling out and because its made in small batch there is limited availability of every size! 

*Pro Tip: Pair our PIERRE with some extra groooovy boots and big statement earrings and vuola, FABULOUS!!* 

By Rachel Antone

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