GIMMICK is a slow sustainable fashion brand, created and made in Los Angeles. Greatly inspired by the 1960's and 1970's decades of fashion.

Our mission is to remain as sustainable as possible by using deadstock fabrics and producing our collections in small runs. We use fabric that already exists in our world and create beautiful clothing from what could potentially go to waste.

Our clothing is made of a higher quality and for every season. Therefore creating less over production of unnecessary clothing, and much less clothing going to waste and ending up in our land fills.

We strive to create fun and unique fashion for the vintage lover living in the modern day.

Thank you so much for shopping small and supporting small businesses!

xoxo Rachel, Owner and Designer of GIMMICK

  • Meet the Designer

    Gimmick designer, Rachel Antone, is California born and raised. Rachel's love for sewing, designing, and 1960's fashion started at an early age...
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