It's All in the Details


It's All in the Details


It's All in the Details

As a designer I can't stress enough how every detail matters! For someone who used to work in costume design, I've learned that the details are what make each garment unique and special. And so for the launch of our first collection, Mod on the Moon, I wanted to pay attention to certain details and elements that I feel really made the collection unique and keep alive a real 1960's inspired line!  


I wanted to create vintage fashion for the modern day that you could wear and feel like you're wearing something vintage! All the dresses in this collection are made from Ponte De Roma, which is a double knit fabric that is a mix of spandex, polyester, rayon or nylon. And what I really love about ponte is that it holds it shape so well, barely wrinkles and looks fantastic on every shape and size! The spandex gives a great stretch making every garment comfortable and moveable for any occasion. If you've ever worn dresses from the 1960's a lot of them are made with a double knit fabric as well, so I wanted to keep that alive and give a true feeling to a vintage style dress.


Each dress was designed with shapes and construction in mind! And each dress has its own special details that make every one just as unique as the other! So, let's talk about each dress one by one and I'll share more about details!

Our Peggy Dress is staple to my favorite color combo, orange and pink (like our logo!) has an extra groovy space age circle on the sides. What I think makes our Peggy dress so fun and detailed is that when you look at the dress from the front, you see the first part of the shape, but you don't see the whole circle until you look at it from the sides. Not only that, but the sleeves are 3/4 length, which is flattering detail that makes a real focal point.

The Marlo dress has more of a 70's vibe with its bright orange and chocolate brown coloring. The geometric shape on the front is a strong nod to the Mod Madness of the 60's. Its an abstract shape that I feel fits perfectly for this classic sheath style dress. The extra brown detail on the shoulders and the hem make it all really come together.

The Andre dress with bold colors that contrast each other, white and red. This was one of the first dresses I designed in the collection because of its inspiration from the 1964 collection "Moon Girl" by Andre Courreges. What makes this dress unique is the two decorative belts on the side of the dress. Built into the back and held together in the front with custom patent leather buttons, that were made just for the Andre. 

The Pierre dress has the most flattering square neckline that looks great on everyone. The neckline mixed with the sleeveless element has the most fantastic top shape of the dress in its space age blue color. This dress out of all is the most A line shape and meant to have a little extra wiggle room, which makes it flattering and comfy!

Lastly, our Barbarella dress which contains one of my favorite 60's details, the key hole! I think that key holes are so flattering and such a bold detail. Your eyes are directly drawn to the center of the dress and just this detail alone creates the full look. Just that little pop of skin peaking out is incredibly intriguing!

By Rachel Antone

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